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The Avenger-class and Miranda-class General Plans are available in three variants.
     Prices for our products are listed in the following matrix:

Item Descprition Standard
Folded Set
Rolled Set
D-size Set
FF05 Avenger-class Heavy Frigate
General Plans
$15.00 $20.00 $60.00
FF06 Miranda-class Cruiser
General Plans
$15.00 $20.00 $60.00
  sheet size
twenty (20) in total
11"x17" 11"x17" 24"x36"

All prices include First Class U.S. Mail shipping to anywhere in the 48 contiguous states.
     Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and all other foreign orders will be calculated on a case-by-case basis.
     Please contact us via e-mail before sending payment of such orders.  [top]

ONLINE RETAIL ORDERING (requires 6% surcharge to cover PayPal service fees)

  Want to pay for you plans online with a credit card?
If you are registered with PayPal, simply follow the
simple instructions listed below:

1. Decide on the number and type of General Plans you wish to purchase.
     Calculate the sub-total of your order.
     For help on the total cost of your order, please see our pricing section above.

2. Add 6% for the total cost (multiply sub-total by 1.06) to cover the service fee PayPal charges Federation Frontiers.
     Round order totals up to the nearest $0.50.
     Please be careful with your calculations.

3. Go to and log in using your E-mail Address and Password.
     Select E-mail Money and enter the following data:

     Select Continue, confirm the information you entered, and select E-mail Money to process your payment.
     Select View the details of this transaction and retrieve your Transaction ID.

3. Federation Frontiers will respond to you shortly via e-mail, either with a confirmation of receipt of your PayPal order, or a notice that your order has shipped.

NOTE:  Foreign orders and all work for custom orders must be confirmed via e-mail before payment through PayPal.
     Should you chose either or both of these options, please do not transfer money via PayPal before contacting us.

We look forward to your online order.  Thank you.  [top]


To date I have invested well over $2,500.00 of my personal money to get this project off the ground.  The gross receipts taken in from the sale of these plans have now reached my break-even point.  Therefore, I have now begun to creep into the dealer market.  If ordered in bulk, I am now offering standard folded sets of both the Avenger-class Heavy Frigate and Miranda-class Cruiser General Plans at a discount price proportional to the number of units purchased.  This rate is available to stores and/or mail-order houses who deal in Treknology reference material.  Please contact my partner Mark Wilson at our business e-mail address (, to discuss the details of your wholesale order.  Feel free to visit our parent site of FEDERATION FRONTIER, where other spectacular STAR TREK technical documents are available.  [top]


Feel free to contact us and inquire about our products:

Mike Rupprecht (Starship Layout Engineer)


Alex Rosenzweig (Chief Editor)


[Pricing] [Online Retail Ordering] [Wholesale Ordering]
[Main Page] [Product Information] [Customized Plans] [Vessel History]
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