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I have reformatted the site a bit.  The Blueprint Samples are now listed on a separate page.  Check out the new animated GIF I have created of the externals.  I have also created and posted a few new teasers from these plans to convince potential buyers of the level of quality in our work.  Since Sheet 2 of 20 of our General Plans is entirely composed of text with no graphics, I felt at ease posting an electronic version of this document on this site for free.  Check out the two samples versions of Sheet 2 of 20 (Avenger / Miranda), created using Adobe Acrobat.

I have been getting a bit more active with the Adobe Acrobat software.  Therefore, I have decided to convert most of the posted package samples from pixilated B&W GIFs to actual vector-based PDF files.  This will add a much better level of clarity to the downloadable samples.  I will be posting them as soon as I can, please be patient.  You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these documents.  It's free, and if you don't have it yet, you can download it here...

I recently chaired another blueprinting panel, this one at the STARFLEET Region 7 Conference.  The presentation went well, our plans were well received and we even sold a few sets.  The discussion was quite interesting and I opened the discussion on my next project.

We have set up an account at PayPal, so you can now order and pay for our plans and all other Federation Frontiers products online, using your credit card through their service.  Simply follow the steps listed in our new, Online Ordering section.

Starbase Atlanta has recently been auctioning off copies of the Avenger-class and Miranda-class General Plans on  If you are interested in acquiring a set, I would recommend NOT looking for our plans on their site.  The funny thing is...after bidding ends, both types of plans have been going for MORE than what I charge for the plans here at this site.  I suppose the magic is in the marketing.  Well...good luck to Starbase Atlanta and eBay anyway, but let the buyer beware!  Starbase Atlanta was at least nice enough to make some great pictures of our packages to advertise their auctions.  I took it upon myself to archive these images and store them on this site.  They created sample images of both the Avenger-class and Miranda-class packs.  Check them out! 

Heavy Frigate
General Plans
General Plans

Shane Johnson, author of Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise called me up on the phone recently.  Like Todd Guenther (listed below) I sent him a free set of our plans immediately after publishing them back in 1998.  I honestly never expected to hear back from him.  The rumor is...his appreciation for Star Trek has waned in recent years.  Anyway, he thoroughly enjoyed the drawings, and praised me on my work as a designer, considering the level of detail, and no guarantee of a paycheck.  I asked him some specific questions about Scott's Guide and his design decisions.  I also asked about his dealings with Andrew Probert.  He confirmed Andrew's approval of several key designs of the Enterprise-refit / Enterprise-A he featured in Scott's Guide, and I subsequently borrowed.  A few Treknology fans, including me, have had issues with some of Shane's text.  Nevertheless, it is a great reference guide and was instrumental in created the Avenger / Miranda plans.  It was a conversation I'll never forget, and an affirmation of all my hard work.

Last fall I chaired a Miranda-class Cruiser starship design panel at Farpoint 99 in Hunt Valley, MD.  Paul Frenczli, who sets up Sci-Fi conventions around the country, recently bought a set of the Avenger-class Heavy Frigate General Plans.  He enjoyed them and quickly contacted me, offering much praise and many helpful comments on my drawings and designs.  He also offered me a spot at Farpoint 99 to talk about my plans.  I accepted and spoke in front of a small audience on October 9, 1999.  I took the viewers through a concise tour of the Miranda/Avenger class starship, using my Deluxe D-size plans, mounted on a flip-chart, as a reference.  I also talked about Treknology in general and had a brief Q&A session following the speech.  Paul was pleased with the panel, as was I, and plan on doing more in the future...please excuse the pun.

FEDERATION FRONTIERS is now pleased to offer starship deck plans for the Miranda-class Cruiser.  Consider them a sister set to the Avenger-class Heavy Frigate General Plans.  The structural design of this new set is exactly the same as that of the Avenger set, which we will continue to offer.  However the nomenclature in the plans, along with the construction history, and ship logos reflect the more-accepted concept of a cruiser named the "U.S.S. Miranda".  We have created a fictional ship which successfully bridges the gap between pre-1994 fandom publications and Paramount-sanctioned reference material.  A note to owners of the original Avenger-class plans, if the AUTHENTICATION NUMBER on your set is lower than 000200, you may be presently surprised if you order a set of the Miranda-class Cruiser General Plans.  A number of typos have been fixed in the package as a whole, and with the help of Paul Frenczli, the detail level of the external views on my drawings are now second-to-none.

Our plans are now published under the banner of FEDERATION FRONTIERS.  After brief and friendly negotiations with Mark Wilson ( from West Virginia, Alex and I agreed to pool our collective assets with him.  Our goal is to form a new, more comprehensive Treknology reference publication group.  We are now in the process of merging our efforts, and will soon be posting the entire catalog of items available from Federation Frontiers, at our web site (

Almost a year after sending Todd Guenther of Mastercom Data Center a complimentary set of our Avenger-class General Plans, we've finally heard from our favorite Treknologist.  His busy schedule finally permitted him to view and comment on our designs.  He appreciated the amount of work that went into our project, and was quoted as saying, " have certainly done an admirable job of explaining and realizing the internal spaces of the "Reliant" class of starships."

Special thanks goes to Craig Powell of the U.S.S. Renegade Star (NCC-1889) for ordering $100.00 worth of the Avenger plans.

We've sold our first set of customized plans.  They went to the U.S.S. Spiritwalker (NCC-31097), based in Alabama.

We've cracked into the dealer market, see the details of our wholesale orderingStarbase Columbus in Ohio has just received its second shipment of plans, their first shipment sold out within a matter of weeks.  Before Christmas, Intergalactic Trading Company in Florida ordered fifty (50) copies of our plans, making it my largest customer to date.  I can't wait to receive the next ITC catalog with the Avenger-class Heavy Frigate General Plans listed in them!

I had an online chat with Andrew Probert, production designer for Star Trek: The Motion Picture and the early years of Start Trek: The Next Generation.  He was quoted as saying, "I've noticed that fan-based products always seem to be better than you expect. These Avenger drawings are no exception."  After that he added, "Every Star Trek fan should add these to their collection."  What more could we ask for?  And just for the record, current Star Trek production designer Mike Okuda recently had some time to take a look at our plans.  Although his busy schedule did not allow him to study them in detail, at a glance he considered them, "well thought out."

Roy Firestone was kind enough to give our plans a solid endorsement in the latest issue of the GEC Logbook.  He has also posted a link on the GEC Home Page to this site.  Joshua Sean Bell, who maintains the Treknology Reading List for REC.ARTS.STARTREK.TECH, not only added our plans to its list of blueprint must-haves, but also added a link to our web site.  Thanks to everyone out there who is helping us spread the word!

The Avenger-class Heavy Frigate General Plans were completed in late June of 1998, and immediately began selling to members of the U.S.S. Avenger (FH 1860) STARFLEET chapter, and close friends.  This web site has been set up to promote their sales.  Wish me luck...this is a dream come true!

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