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NOTE:  All work for custom orders must be confirmed via e-mail before payment is made.  Please do not mail payment or transfer money via PayPal before contacting us with your customization specs.  If we receive only one of these two required items, FEDERATION FRONTIERS will not ship any product.


I have compiled the Avenger-class and Miranda-class General Plans using the following popular Windows-based design software:

Since altering my electronic files for specialized prints is certainly an attainable task, I am offering customized sets of these documents to those interested.  For a minor additional charge, you can have your entire print package modified for a particular ship of the Avenger-class or Miranda-class lines.  [top]


Your ship's registry will be proudly displayed in the classic STARFLEET BOLD font at the top-left corner of this page.  The format of this registry is starship type-specific, as how the vessel would be referred to in fictional documents and computer displays.  For instance, the standard set of plans for the Avenger-class displays "FH 1860", indicating Heavy Frigate No. 1860.  The set of plans for the Miranda-class features "CA 1833", indicating Cruiser No. 1833.  This adds a realistic sense of vessel classification.  Underneath the registry will reside your ship logo.  Provide me with gray-scale electronic artwork and your set of General Plans will feature a graphic that YOU have designed or chosen to represent this fictional starship.  Underneath the ship logo is your ship motto, which will be proudly displayed in a stylized script-type font.  Your ship name and registry will be placed in other various locations throughout Sheet 1 of 20.

Although the actual internal directory of your customized set will not alter from the standard set, your specific vessel name and registry will be prominently featured at the top-right corner of the page in the famous MICROGRAMMA BOLD font.

Now we get to what is really important, the external views!  Your set of customized plans will feature proud external markings of the ship's name and registry on the Dorsal Plan (top) and Port Profile (side) views.  Here you will see the standard format of ship markings as seen in the Star Trek movies and TV shows.  Our drawings feature the same STARFLEET BOLD and MICROGRAMMA BOLD fonts as used on the old filming models and new computer-generated models.  Imagine getting a set of plans that reads "U.S.S. YOURNAME" and/or "NCC-YOURBIRTHDAY".  Perhaps you'd like to see your set of plans mimic one of the canonical starships already seen on Star Trek.  Be creative, and most of all have fun, deciding what ship you would like your external views to represent.  Additionally, on Sheet 3 of 20, you will have your name featured in the title block in the field "CHECKED BY:".  Immediately to the right of this text block is a blank field where you can personally initial your set in ink.  Finally, Sheet 3 of 20 features six (6) construction milestone dates.  If you have a fictional ship history, here is the place to archive these items.  If not, chose some of your friend and families birthdays.

Similarly to Sheet 3 of 20, on this sheet, you will see your ship's name an registry feature on the ship's Ventral Plan (bottom), Starboard Profile (side) and Stern Elevation (aft) views.  Additionally, your name will be featured in the title block as on Sheet 3 of 20.

Since the cross-section views, deck plan views, and detail views do not feature any external markings, the drawings for these sheets will stay relatively the same.  However, as featured on Sheet 4 of 20, your personal name, your ship's name, and your ship's registry will be listed in the title blocks of these sheets.  Every page of your customized set will be specifically listed as belonging to a particular starship you decide upon.

  • Dedication Plaque
  • Finally, I will create and print a customized dedication plaque insert for your specific starship, suitable for framing or hanging.  This 8-1/2" x 11" sheet will feature the ship's name, registry, construction yard, commissioning date, class, and ship motto.  Please take quick look at our sample dedication plaques for the Avenger and the Miranda to get an idea of what your customized insert will look like.


    I charge a one-time customization fee of only $35, to have your set of Avenger-class Heavy Frigate or Miranda-class Cruiser General Plans personalized to your liking.  Each set, including the first, purchased thereafter will cost the same as a corresponding non-customized type.  Therefore one (1) set of customized folded plans would cost $50 ($35 + $15).  Two (2) sets of rolled customized plans would cost $75 ($35 + $20 + $20).  Customization of Deluxe D-Sized plans also entails a one-time fee of only $35.  When customized plans are ordered in large quantities, I can often offer my customers discounts.  Therefore if you have a gaming group you belong to, this avenue might be to your liking.  If you are unsure of pricing, please feel free to contact me via e-mail at, regarding your customized plans order.

    U.S.S. RELIANT (NCC-1864)

    Please note if you would like your set of General Plans customized to read "U.S.S. RELIANT" and "NCC-1860", it will be classified as an Avenger-class Heavy Frigate.  Unfortunately for those inquiring, we do not recognize the Star Trek Encyclopedia's claim that the Reliant was a Miranda-class Cruiser.  Also, any set of Avenger-class Heavy Frigate-class General Plans, customized for the U.S.S. Reliant, will represent a proposed upgrade to the starship.  My drawings no not follow the exact configuration of the Reliant as seen in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, but a progressive upgrade of the movie-era starships as how they might appear circa 2301.


    Unfortunately we will not perform any structural customization of the Avenger-class and/or Miranda-class General Plans.  We do not have the time to add external features.  I have be inquired about expanding my plans to represent a Soyuz-class starship and other Miranda-class variants.  Our customization only covers external markings and ship-specific information for Avenger-class Heavy Frigates and Miranda-class Cruisers.

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