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Facts and information regarding

Both the Federation Shuttlecarrier Comparison Chart and
the Federation Shuttlecraft Identification Chart have been
approved as official reference sources by the newly elected
STARFLEET administration, and may be used as the basis
for new ship and shuttlecraft charters.

The founder and chief designer of
Mark Wilson, also designed some of the ships for Jackill's
Star Fleet Reference Manual, Volume 3. They are the
Clemenceau class through-deck cruiser and the
Huntington class deuterium tanker. In addition, the through-
deck cruiser design served as the basis for the tactical
cruiser, dreadnaught and transport/tug designs seen in the
same book. (The through-deck cruiser itself is adapted
from ships in the Federation Shuttlecarrier Comparison
Chart.) See the manual's last page for further information.

The Federation Shuttlecarrier Comparison Chart is listed as
a collector's item in the recently released "A Trekker's Guide
To Collectibles", and can be found in the "blueprints" chapter.

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